Latin term for a toll paid for crossing a bridge or passing a barrier.

Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases. .

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  • -agium — Second element of Latin words such as *ancoragium, *barragium, *berbiagium, *hibernagium, functioning as the equivalent English element age which gives a quality, and here a sense of right or privilege, e.g. *faldage. Cf. age …   Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases

  • Pontage — The right to charge tolls to cross a bridge. The OldEngl. form was brudtholl, i.e. the right of toll; the Latin term was pontagium. In return the toller was required to maintain the bridge a requirement frequently ignored. Often a small chapel… …   Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases

  • BARRAE — vox medii aevi, quâ praesertim repagula ac septa denotantur, quae ad munimenta oppidorum et castrorum vel ad eorum introitus ac portas ponuntur, ne inconsultis custodibus in eas aditus pateat quibusvis. A barra, i. e. fustis, vectis, Gall. Barre …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

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